Environmental policy:

The environmental policy was adopted by VEKS’ Board of Directors on 26 April 2018

Environmental policy for VEKS 

VEKS holds an environmental certification pursuant to the ISO 14001-standard. This certification includes the following departments: Executive Board, Staff, Transmission, Plan and Project plus Economy, Customer and IT. 
VEKS Production is expected to be certified pursuant to the same standard during the summer of 2018. 

VEKS’ vision on working in an eco-friendly direction forms the basis of establishing the environmental policy of VEKS which applies to the whole enterprise.  

The consideration to the environment is an integral part of the daily work in VEKS. This partly applies by preventing the direct environmental impacts and partly by influencing the heat and fuel suppliers for the purpose of having supplies which are as environmentally friendly as possible. 
This is realised in the following areas: 

Environmental policy

  • VEKS works actively on protecting the environment and to prevent pollution, including exploiting the resources in the best possible way and to obtain CO2 neutrality.
  • VEKS undertakes to observe any legal requirements and other requirements within the environmental area to which the enterprise determines to sign up.  
  • VEKS undertakes, on an ongoing basis, to carry out improvements of the enterprise's environment management system and environmental performances, among other things by way of their work with environmental objectives. 
  • VEKS works continuously on influencing our cooperative partners in an environmentally friendly direction.

VEKS prioritises the environmental work based on the following principles:
• A considerable reduction of the environmental impact
• Development of the employees’ environmental consciousness and skills
• Improvements which at the same time offer savings

The initiative should result in continuous improvements by reducing the negative environmental impacts and prevent pollution in VEKS by way of:
• Eco-conscious behaviour (new work routines)
• Reconstruction of plant (cleaner technology)
• Changes of products and processes (substitution)

When selecting technology and product and process changes, the best suitable technology will be selected considering the financial limitations.

VEKS ensures openness regarding our environmental performance so VEKS is portrayed as an environmentally conscious business among the partners. Moreover, we a have close dialogue with the environmental regulatory authorities. 

The environmental policy sets out the frames of the environmental work to be carried out. The policy is made operational by way of environmental objectives which we work towards by means of action plans. 

The employees are informed about the environmental policy and its consequences as part of their education and training. You find the environmental policy on VEKS’ website www.veks.dk

The environmental policy was adopted by VEKS’ Board of Directors on 26 April 2018