District Heating in Vestegnen

VEKS' contribution to a cleaner environment: Each year Vestegnen saves almost 500.000 tonnes of CO2.

Vestegnen is the overall term for the western suburban area of Copenhagen, including 12 municipalities.

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Board of directors

Politicians from 12 municipalities are in VEKS' Board of directors

Green district heating for you

VEKS Strategy 2025

New strategy and new initiatives adjusted to new frames – not least VEKS’ role in the green transition.

Surplus heat project

Creative noise control with side benefits

A surplus heat project is covering 2,200 residents’ need for district heating today

Virtuel Conversation

VEKS during Corona

How is work life as works manager when you are suddenly secluded from the world?

Group Interview

The expectations of the customers

How does VEKS Customer Forum work and is there room for improvements?

Green transition

District heating is still the key

VEKS has constantly saved resources and still has a focus on reducing the CO2 emissions