Environmental System

Environmental Management System

The environmental declaration factors indicate a drop in environmental impact - as regards SO2 og NOx. The reduced environmental impact has primarily been achieved after unit 2 of Avedøre Power Plant was put into operation. With the new unit in operation, coal now constitutes a lower share of the fuel mix. This in turn has increased the share of natural gas and bio fuel, which has had an overall positive effect on emissions.

Information about the environmental declaration and environmental activities is a contribution to VEKS’ service vis-a-vis the district heating companies at Vestegnen, and should be a specific tool applied by the district heating companies to inform about emissions, for instance in connection with energy labelling of property. Furthermore, environmental information may be used as a basis for identifying goals and for carrying out benchmarking to achieve improvements and hopefully, to inspire other companies to use environmental management systems. The local district heating companies at Vestegnen are also offered to participate directly or indirectly in VEKS’ environmental management system – and VEKS will help the district heating companies in preparing green accounts.
VEKS’ environmental management system has been approved in accordance with the EMAS directive and ISO 14001, and the environmental statement has been subjected to audit by the accredited environmental standardisation body, the Danish Standards Association.